NGVB: National Gene Vector Biorepository

The National Gene Vector Laboratories (NGVL) was a gene therapy manufacturing and toxicology resource previously sponsored by the National Center for Research Resources, NIH. The program was discontinued and replaced by the National Gene Vector Biorepository (NGVB).

While vector production and toxicology studies are no longer supported, the NCRR created a new program to assist gene therapy investigators, the National Gene Vector Biorepository ( The NGVB maintains a number of resources previously associated with the NGVL, including the NGVL Pharmacology/Toxicology Database and SeqMap, a bioinformatics tool for insertion site analysis. The NGVB now offers a variety of archiving services, educational resources, and a reagent repository.

The NGVB Coordinating Center is located in the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics at the Indiana University School of Medicine, the same site as the previous NGVL Coordinating Center. For more information, please visit the NGVB website:

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